Workplace, Home, and Public

Workplace, Home, and Public

Modern research has demonstrated the scary truth that if air quality outdoors is poor, indoor air quality is likely much worse due to higher concentrations of dangerous pollutants. Our workplace, homes, and public place are often not the sanctuaries we believe them to be. Therefore, the first step toward healthy breathing is ensuring pure air inside our workplace and homes. After all, we spend the vast majority of our time there.


  • Offices, smoking areas, entrance, lobby
  • Locker, washrooms, canteens, kitchens, storage rooms and waste containers


  • Fitness centre, bowling centre
  • Entrance, lobby, reception and waiting rooms at sport facilities
  • Interiors of boats, caravans, mobile homes
  • Cruise ships, ferries or yachts
  • Airports and commercial planes


  • Nail, beauty and hair salons
  • Health Spa’s, saunas, indoor swimming pools, locker and washrooms

Bars or Night life

  • Meeting rooms, restrooms, storage rooms, locker and washrooms
  • Preventing fruit flies behind the bars
  • Keeping ice machines and ice cube machines bacteria free


  • Retail shops, department stores, dressing and waiting rooms, air curtains
  • Removes VOC smells from retail’s synthetic materials (e.g. shoes and clothes)
  • Refrigerated showcases: meat, vegetables, fresh fruit, flowers.
  • Odors removal of waste and garbage containers
  • Indoor parking lots

Hotels/restaurants/conference place

  • Fast turnaround of foul-smelling guest rooms, conference rooms, lobbies, party-centers
  • Kitchens, restrooms, locker and washrooms
  • Storage rooms
  • Treat smoking rooms
  • Keeping ice machines and ice cube machines bacteria free
  • Indoor parking
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