Kenjet Commercial Kitchen Air Cleaner

KENJET Air Cleaner specifically designed for commercial kitchens in Singapore. Electrostatic precipitator is a filtration device that removes fine particles, like dust, smoke and grease. Meanwhile kitchen exhaust contains not only grease and smoke, but also unpleasant odors. That’s why KENJET PC and PK series provide a semi-modular product with multi-stage filtration units, which ensure the flexibility to meet tough cooking environment. KENJET® filter is especially formulated for maximum efficiency of reducing various levels of most gases, odors and VOCs, chemically changing these compounds and binding them to be collected. It is so absorbent that can grab even the tiniest particles. Both PC and EP series can be applied to many kinds of working environment, from mild cooking to large commercial kitchen.Like we listed below:

  • BBQ
  • Food stall
  • Coffee Shop
  • Commercial Kitchen
  • Heavy Smoke or Complex Odor Environment
  • Semi-modularity in the design of complex air cleaner system, including electrostatic air cleaner, odor removal system, centrifugal fan and KENJET® filter (Activated carbon included).
  • Up to 4 Stages to clean up the grease, smoke and odor.
  • High static pressure and low noise.
  • Voltage regulator circuit power supply with multiple circuit protection.
  • Automatically discharged in 5 seconds after the power been cut-off.
  • Low power consumption for system energy saving.
  • Reusable collection cells

How it works?

When the polluted air is forced to enter to the EAC by blower, it passes through our Pre-filter firstly, and larger contaminant will be stopped here. Then the smaller particles within the  polluted air keep going and being given an electrical charge during the zone of charging. These charged particles are easily attracted to the collection section and been attached to the collecting plates. Moves on to the final stage, after passing through the active carbon filter mesh; the dirty air has been purified. Now the clean air is able to emit without any pollution and smell.

Full Power Protection & New Technique

  • Voltage Output Display, Control and Adjustment.

Digital display of instant high-voltage power supply voltage output. Push button controls the output of high-voltage power supply voltage.

  • Voltage Regulator Circuit Design

High quality voltage regulator is designed to regulate  voltage automatically, which provide a highly steady voltage.

  • SCP (Short Circuit Protection)

Power module will lower the output voltage to 0Vdc when short circuit has been detected.

  • Abnormal Discharge Protection

Power module will automatically shut down when abnormal discharge is continuously for 5 seconds.

  • Fuse Protection

High voltage will be automatically and completely discharged in 5 seconds after the power been cut-off.