Multifunctional In-Car Purifiers 3IOX-MFILS-VVTi8

Intelligent Multi-functional Air Purifier for Car, Office and Home


  • Eight Purification functions.
  • Three National Patents.
  • Unique 3IOX Purification Technology
  • Strong Purifying Efficacy
  • Intelligent Operation Procedure
  • Automatic Air Quality Sensor
  • Stylish Outward Appearance
  • Quality Assurance of Long-Term Use
  • Four different colors available – Tyrant Gold, Space Silver, Sky Blue, Forest Green (with Ivory Base)


  • Multiple Purification Functions
    • Filter air dust, Prevention PM2.5.  Widely kill viruses, E colimites, bacteria and other microorganisms.  Powerful removal of formaldehyde, ammonia. benzene, PAHs and TVOC, Remove Smoke fast, powerful odor removal, releasing high concentrations of negative ions to further purify the air.
  • Integrated Filtration Technology
    • Using the latest VVTi8-HEPA filter and VVTi8-nanometer activated carbon filter (combo) to play the role of effective air purification. The feature of HEPA (High Efficiency particulate air filter) is that the air can pass through the net, but the tiny particales cannot pass. VVTi8-HEPA removal efficiency to the 0.3 microns (1/200 of the air diameter) particulate can reach more than 99.97%. Currently, HEPA is the most effective filtration media to smoke, dust, bacteria and other pollutants.  The high performance activated carbon filters which obtained by nano-modified technology like deep-sea algae, can instaneously eliminate the strong smell of smoke, formaldehyde, ammonia, carbon monoxide, dust particles and other indoor odors generated.
  • Coverage:
    • 10 - 20 metre square
  • Unique Powerful Formaldehyde Removal
    • The filter is treated by "Diverse Pollution Scavender" (See-Biox proprietary technology) to increase the removal efficacy of formaldehyde, ammonia, benene within 3 to 5 times.  Product comes with access to national invention patent "Diverse Pollution Scavenger" to enhance the product efficacy.
  • Automatic Air Quality Sensors, Real-time Display
    • The product choose the sophisticated air quality of nickel wire electrode which is made from nanoscale SnO2 powders sintering with the catalysts. Aiir Quality index is a quantitative description of the air quality index. The greater the value the more serious the air pollution. AQI is divided into six level, from excellent, good, light pollution, heavily polluted to seriously polluted.
  • Unique Intelligent Operation Procedure
    • IC Chip intelligently regulates the wind speed, anion concentration and filter replacement based on the changes of air quality to achieve the best air cleaning effect.
  • Release High Concentration of Negative Oxygen Ions
    • The machine can release up to 100,00000 pcs/sq m negative oxygen ions (typically the concentration of negative oxygen ions around forests and waterfalls is about 100,000 - 500,000). Negative oxygen ions are referred to as "air vitamin".  The scientific community has presented in the air of negative oxygen ions as an important indicator of air quality. High concentration of negative oxygen ions play very important role in purifying air and promoting human health (respiratory system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, endocrine system, metabolic system, immune system, blood system, motion systems, etc.)
  • Efficient Sterilization and Eliminate Virus and Bacteria
    • O3 is recognized worldwide as a broad-spectrum efficient antisetic.  In certain concentrations, O3 can quickly kill airborne bacteria, inhibit the smell of rot cloud and break down toxic gases.  It is reduced to pure oxygen after the sterilization, therefore there is no remains and secondary pollution residues left which some chemical disinfection agents can't.  O3 is known as one of green elements.
  • Standby Power for Air Purifiers
    • All air purifiers are equipped with a high-performance lithium battery, ensuring the conitnous normal working conditions for another three hours in the case of power outrages.
  • Long-term Stability
    • Using DC brushless colling fan to improve air purification effect by extending the life of the fan. Regular filter replacement reminder, with exclusive See-Biox technology to ensure long term use of excellent performance. Tens of thousands stability to ensure product quality.
  • Three National Patents, Innovative Technology
    • Proudcts attained national invention patents, declared a utility model patent and an appearance design patent.
  • Stylish Design
    • Stylish design with four colours of the tyrant gold, space silver, sky blue and forest green on the ivory base.
Product Intelligent Multifunctional Air Purifier
Size 177mm x 148 mm x 55 mm
Weight 430g (Net)
Rated Voltage DC12V
Lithium Battery 1000 mAh
Rated Power 6W
Power Adapter for car (Vi12/Vo12, 1A). for office (Vi220Vo12, 1A)
Rated Airflow 19.2CFM
Working Sound < 20dB
Wind speed Model Low Speed / High Speed
Color Tyrant Gold, Space Silver, Sky Blue, Forest Green (with Ivory Base)