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LAF ENV Pte Ltd is dedicated to providing quality sustainable solutions for air related products and services. We are committed to improving our customers’ overall quality of life and aspire to be the premier air purification solution provider.

The Problem:

Air pollution a problem that affects public access buildings such as offices, schools, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, and your home. Tightly sealed public buildings and homes can trap pollutants and micro-organism causing allergies, odors, and illness.

Is your Home safe from Pollution?

The answer is no. Recent studies have revealed that the air circulating inside many homes or enclosed spaces is far worse in terms of quality when compared to outdoor air. And this situation could even be more detrimental than you think.

Our Solution:

We create awareness and prevent “sick building syndrome” as well as solve Indoor Air Quality problems for commercials, health care sectors, residential, restaurants and F&B industries. We provide clients with complete turnkey solutions with our products and services.



- To improve indoor air quality

- To provide the opportunity and choice to breathe clean air

- To combat allergies, asthma, and sinus conditions and nurture healthier lives by destroying harmful microbials in the air and on surfaces.


LAF has a range of top quality Air Purifier products and services.

We are the authorized dealer of Scientific & Industrial Instrumentation Pte Ltd for IQAir purifier products in Singapore.

We are also an authorized RGF distributor in air purification for Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan.  

Our integrated RGF Air Purification solutions endeavor to eliminate the Indoor Air Pollution such as Particulates (Dust, Dander & Pollen) Microbial (Bacteria, Viruses & Molds) and Gases (VOC’s & Odors) thereby creating a much cleaner and improved air.

Improving Indoor Air is a Changing Environment

The RGF Guardian Air PHI Cell (Air Purifier) is installed inside of the ventilation system of your home or office building. The PHI Cell (short for Photohyrdoionization cell) uses light, water and oxygen to produce “Mother Nature’s friendly cleaners” – hydro-peroxides. These cleaners circulate through your conditioned air space and kill airborne and surface viruses, bacteria, mold, odors and VOCs before they can spread.