Virus Keeper Filter | Air-Conditioner Virus & Bacteria Removal Singapore

The IAQ Virus Keeper filter is made in South Korea using Nano-Silver technology & supplied in and around Singapore. It’s been proven through independent testing in the USA, Japan & Korea to stop fine dust particulate matter (PM 2.5) & removal of toxic carcinogenic gases, smoke, bacteria, virus & mold spores.

With the IAQ Virus Keeper filter, there is no need to buy expensive air purifiers. Because you can simply turn all your existing air conditioners into air purifiers. All you have to do is simply cover the existing air conditioner filter with the IAQ Virus Keeper filter. It couldn’t be easier.

You can also place the IAQ Virus Keeper filter on the rear of your pedestal or desk top fan wit the same effect. Remember, air purifiers are just a fan and a filter, so why go the expense of buy one when you can simply apply the IAQ Virus Keeper filter to your fan or air conditioner.

IAQ Virus Keeper filters also come in commercial sizes and can be applied to commercial HVAC systems. By placing IAQ Virus Keeper filter over existing AHU filters, the IAQ Virus Keeper filter increases the life of expensive AHU filters. The IAQ Virus Keeper filter can also be use with HEPA filters too and are ideal for clean rooms to enhance the air quality even more.

What is I.A.Q Safe Zone?

It is a zone protected by AirVision’s atmospheric safety equipped with “Virus Keeper Filter” which removes fine dust, toxic carcinogenic gas, ozone(O3), 99.9% of harmful germs, and contagious viruses.

 I.A.Q SAFE ZONE application space

House, Apartment, School, Nursery School, Academy, Library, Restaurant, Café , Karaoke, PC Room, Hair Shop, Sauna, Office, Gym, Screen Golf Shop, Athletic Facility, Theater, Performing Place, Underground Market, Nursing Home, Hospital, Postpartum Care Center, Veterinary Clinic, Funeral Hall, Nail Art Shop, Art Gallery, Semi- Conductor Clean Room, Department Store, Pharmaceutical Company GMP facility, Operation Room in Hospital, Food Company, HACCP facility



Air conditioner Anti-bacteria & deodorization filter

If you just attach it to the air conditioner, a fresh wind blow

  • Applicable to all air conditioners
  • Dust removal effect faster than Air Purifier
  • Transformed into 4 season air purifiers by simple attachment

How to use:

It is available in all kinds of ceiling wall and stand-type air conditioners and air purifier

How to attach, just attach it like a sticker, you can attach it as a sticker using Velcro tape or dual-side tape

  1. Open the grill of the air conditioner and remove the mesh filter.
  2. After attaching the Velcro tape along the frame of filter and then attach the virus keeper filter on it.
  3. It installed in the air conditioner and operates by blowing air.

Product Specifications:

Product Code Type Size(mm) Qty (EA) Remarks
VKAC-4W 4WAY 550×550 6 Standard Type
VKAC-1W 1WAY 195×800 6 Use cut to size
VKAC-SP All models (stand, wall, 2way, etc. 810×1,100 3 Use cut to size

*Easy to know when to replace: when the Virus Keeper logo is invisible it indicates the time to replace.

You can see the identifiable fine dust and virous harmful substance by the eye after 1 month.

(Recommended replacement period: 2-3months)

Air conditioner troubles:

  • Proliferation of bacteria and mold in the air conditioner
  • Hard to clean inside
  • Expensive to purchase air purifier

Solutions: Anti-bacteria & deodorization together by attachment of Virus Keeper to filter

*Protects from fine dust, carcinogenic hazardous gases, deleterious bacteria (eliminate 99.9% contagious viruses.

 How to use as an air purifier:

  • After attaching the Virus Keeper, operate the air conditioner in ventilation mode, In ventilation mode,

the compressor does not work and it works in air purifier mode with very little power consumption just for one fluorescent lamp.


Open the window without worrying about the fine dust

  • Prevention of fine dust, ozone, bacteria, carcinogenic harmful gas, infectious virus coming into the room when attached to window screening net
  • By using strong strap attaching system, withstand even strong winds and is easy to replace
  • It has invisible privacy protection that inside looks good outside but outside is invisible inside also it has functions of preventing rainwater entering

Not only fine dust but also viruses



  • Virus Keeper filter makes indoor air a SAFE ZONE. It is a highly functionable filter which eliminates fine dust, carcinogenic hazardous gases, ozone, deleterious bacteria (99.9%) and protects contagious viruses just by attaching it to the insect-net frame.

>Free size to fit any kinds of window and insect-net frame

>Strong attachment method to withstands against strong winds

>Protection of private life and Prevention against inflow

  • Just attach it to your window frames then it blows clean air it becomes I.Q.A SAFE ZONE

Performance of the product:

  1. Protects from not only fine dust, carcinogenic hazardous gases, ozone, deleterious bacteria (eliminate 99.9%) but contagious viruses.
  2. Good ventilation and cool breeze
  3. Cutting edge filter certified globally
  4. Easy to attach to current insect net attachment to withstand against strong winds
  5. In proper size for porches, living rooms, study rooms, bedroom, kitchens, and any other spaces
  6. Recommended replacement period:3-6months (depending on location)

 Precautions in use

  1. Adhesion may weaken from freezing temperatures or rain.
  2. Working on elevated areas is potentially dangerous.
Product Code size
VKWD-LARGE 100x210cm


  1. Clean the insect-frame and window frames.
  2. Bond the shape of the frame material from the indoor side of the window frame.
  3. Cut filter a little larger than the size of the frame and bond on each corner temporarily using dual-side tape before installation.
  4. Press0 fit shape frame material on frame material from the corner, and continue to the end.
  5. Cut the protruded filter from the frame using a knife or scissors.


Simply put it on the back of the fan and turn it into an air purifier

Not only fine dust but also viruses VIRUS KEEPER FAN FILTER

  • Eliminate fine dust, ozone, carcinogenic, hazardous gases
  • Eliminate 99.9% deleterious bacteria
  • Block contagious viruses
  • Various sizes for all fans
  • Simple attachment, use as 4 season air cleaners

How to use = you can attach when fan is off

  1. To set size Align it to the back of the fan.
  2. To attach the tape Bond the enclosed double-sided tape on the springed edge of the filter.
  3. To attach on the fan, Attach the filter slightly overlapped on the back of the fan safe-net.

Product Specifications:


FOR HOUSE VKFN-14 14 inch(35cm)
FOR COMPANY VKFN-1620 16 inch(40cm)- 20 inch(50cm)
FOR FACTORY VKFN-2430 24 inch(60cm)- 30 inch(75cm)


When VK Ventilation unit filter is inserted it transforms into air purifier

  • Not only the fine dust coming into the house, but also the carcinogenic gas, ozone, and bacteria viruses are removed
  • Applied to all ventilation unit filters.

 *Uncontrolled contaminated air handling unit filter

*Replace every six months for health)


Simple filter replacement, extended air conditioning filter life

  • Easy to attach with magnet.
  • It is a roll type that can be used for a long time, can be ripped according to the perforation line of 20cm interval.
  • HEPA filter life extensions effect.


  • Large air purifier, environment control unit, air handling unit, air curtain, electric distributor, computer server, painting facility
  • Clean room (electronics factory, pharmaceutical company, food company, hospital operating room)


Product Specifications:

VK ROLL 40-W 40 x H 700cm (length 20cm cutting possible)
VK ROLL 60-W 60 x H 700cm (length 20cm cutting possible)


Transforms existing ones into multifunctional air conditioner

  • The formed is a simple fine dust removal filter

Transforms into multifunctional filter that can remove fine dust, carcinogenic hazardous gases, stench, office ozone, bacteria, viruses.

  • Compatible filter without changing existing filter holding frames